Energy Fields and the Human Body. Part II




William A. Tiller


In this paper, I first project a model of substance so that we may have a framework wherein we can start understanding how many of the non-physical energies discussed in Part I come into play and begin to interact with each other and with the physical. Then, after that, I want to go on and discuss some experiments related to the Cayce impedance device, the wet cell appliance and other devices of a similar nature.

 A. Theoretical Model of Substance

First, let me make clear what I mean by model. A model can be thought of as a working hypothesis. It is a conceptual framework from which we can start to try and understand some aspect of nature. It is a target at which we can start throwing experiments. In the beginning, it is the first discrimination of ideas into some format or structure that gives one a feeling that he is starting to meaningfully grapple with the particular unknown area under consideration. As one begins to model the phenomenon, he is able to formulate the right kind of experiments for testing the hypotheses, and then can perform the experiments and can obtain feedback of new and pertinent information. This allows one to check out whether a particular aspect of the model is correct and to subsequently make corrective changes all through the model as need be as time goes by. However, to do this, one must have a place to start. Thus, models, to me, are like the rungs of a ladder from which one climbs from one level of understanding to another. Most of the models are eventually wrong in detail, but they serve the tremendous function of allowing one to climb from one position of under-standing of the universe to a more enlightened position of understanding.

Now, the discussion of Part I shows that our present understanding of human energy fields is inadequate to account for these new phenomena. So many things seem to happen that are not explicable in terms of electromagnetic energy or sonic energy that, by trying to squeeze all these new aspects into that very small mold, we will get lost (because they just will not fit). Thus, the place where I have started is to take the yogi philosophy of the seven principles operating in man and hypothesize that this really means that there are seven different levels of substance (unique substance); that these different substances have different types of configurations (1). They obey entirely different kinds of laws--unique types of laws--and they have unique characteristics of radiation (absorption and emission). I further postulate that they operate in different kinds of space-time frames in the universe and so are distinct from each other. The seven levels of substance, then, from the coarsest going towards the finest are: (1) the physical level that we are familiar with; (2) the etheric level (the Russians call this the bioplasmic body or the energy body; some people call it the prephysical body); (3) the astral level; (4) there are three levels of mind: instinctive, intellectual and spiritual mind and (5) another distinct level which is spirit.

There is considered to be a level beyond these seven, which shall be called the Divine. However, relative to all that I think we will be capable of perceiving for a very long period in the course of human evolution, we may think just in terms of the seven levels of substance.

These seven substances interpenetrate each other in nature and may interact with each other. They, through the polarity principle, form atoms and molecules and configurations of these. One can apply the metaphysical principle: "As above, so below; as below, so above", and realize that what we see in the physical may be used as a model and this same kind of modeling understanding may be extrapolated through the other levels of substance, differing somewhat in detail from the physical, and we may begin conceptually to grapple with these other levels. The substances interpenetrate, and their relationship may be visualized by considering the situation in our own bodies. To visualize our seven bodies, think of seven transparent sheets of paper and, an these sheets, using particular pens of different colors, draw circuitry of one color on one and on another draw circuitry of another color, and so on through the seven colors. Then, put these sheets all together and look through them, and you will see an organization of substance at the various levels within the bodies of man. That, basically, is the model I wish to project.

In general, these substances do not interact with each other too strongly. However, they can be brought into interaction with each other through the agency of mind, and it is really at the point of mind that one can bring about changes in the organization of structure in these various levels of substance. That is, through mind forces, one can create a pattern, and that pattern then acts as a force field which applies to the next level of substance. In turn, that force field is a force for organizing the atoms and molecules into configurations at that level of substance. That pattern of substance at the etheric level, then, is in a particular state of organization and it has its own radiation field --its own force field if you like -and that force field, then, is a field for the organization of matter at the next level of substance --the physical level of substance. These etheric forces, then, bring about the coalescence and organization of matter at the physical level of substance.

Here, we see something that I have chosen to call the "ratchet" effect; one can see an action beginning at the mind level and working its way down through to produce an effect on the physical level (and vice versa).

As an aid to visualizing this model, consider fig. 1 and recall the radiation patterns discussed in Part I (the characteristic pattern of emission and absorption of energy from a substance). For these seven levels of substance it is meaningful to draw a plot of the intensity of the radiation versus its frequency. Now, the thing we have to realize is that this particular representation of fig. 1 is purely for coming into contact with the idea and is not a scientifically correct representation, since these levels of substance represent entirely different kinds of energy, entirely different kinds of physical laws, and they really should be represented on different axes; i.e., different coordinate vectors of phase space. That would be a more proper way to do it. And, in fact, along any one of these coordinates, there may be many different kinds of energy that should be represented (just like electromagnetic, sonic, gravity, etc., energies in the physical). But, at least for us to conceptually see the simplest outlines of the model, it is worthwhile to represent it this way: the physical, etheric, astral, mind levels and the spiritual level on one axis. Through focusing attention on the mind and spirit levels, here we see the true essence of man. This is the indestructible reality of man and is the on-going man. These levels of energy function (or appear to function) in a non-space, non-time frame of reference, that is, the patterns of intelligence (in that frame of reference) are not represented on coordinates which relate to space and time.

The astral function is largely as a containment vehicle, it appears, to keep this human essence in a compact form between incarnations. Looking further to the left, we come down to the temporal reality associated with this kind of physical existence; i.e., a vehicle that is suitable for experience in this earth plane (the etheric level and the physical level). In the case of the physical, we have the space-time frame, which is the Einsteinian frame, which we know a great deal about. The etheric level is a companion level and it operates again in a space-time frame but in a different space-time frame from the physical, and yet these two are complementary. That is) as time goes on, for the physical the potential decreases and entropy increases, whereas for the etheric we have the reverse situation (the potential increases and entropy decreases). A characteristic of the physical frame is one of disorder. A characteristic of the etheric frame is one of the organizations of matter. The physical is primarily characterized by electric effects. The etheric is primarily characterized by magnetic effects.

This is the way in which I have come to look at these various energies; i.e., that there are radiations associated with these different levels, and these radiations give rise to the phenomena that we can call psychoenergetics. The majority of these phenomena deal with the etheric vehicle. That is, we have a sensory system in this vehicle which connects us to the psychoenergetic phenomena just as our five physical senses connect us to physical phenomena.

I want to draw your minds back to the picture of the cut leaf of Part I (figure 10). There, we saw the pattern of the physical leaf, and we saw some energy effects associated with the part that was cut away. I mentioned in Part I that this was like a force field from another level of substance. It was, in my model, from the etheric level. This force field was like a hologram. Now, let me expand on that idea for a minute. A hologram, basically, is a pattern of coherent energy and that pattern has a three-dimensional character in a space-time frame and it represents particular information.

 In my model, God created the universe, and He created it as a hologram (1)! The first hologram beyond the Divine was a hologram of spirit substance which organized itself and the organization, at that level, had coherent radiation centers which radiated a pattern which was a hologram at the spirit-mind level. Then the substance organization at this level occurred which, in turn2 contained coherent radiation sources which led to the radiation patterns for organization of the intellectual mind. That, in turn, led to organization and coherent radiation to form a hologram for the organization of instinctive mind, and so on down the line. I think we saw the first and simplest representation of this with the cut leaf experiment. That is why I think it is so important to see, in fact, some evidence of the hologram penetrating to the physical level from the etheric level. (Note: this experimental result has not yet been reproduced in this country.)

Now, there are several things that are important to note about a hologram. One is that if you take any piece of the hologram, you may recreate the entire hologram, and it is through this that we can understand what was meant when Cayce said: "Man within man is all representation of the universe. Within a cell of man is a representation of the entire universe--within an atom is a representation." If, in fact, the hologram model of the universe is correct, then this is exactly what we should expect. A second thing that is important to note about this hologram, if this is the way creation took place, is that the Divine pattern produced initially created patterns at the mind level of Nature for the development of man in a harmonious way. This results from the coherence in the energy pattern. However, man has free will and, if with that free will, he polarizes from an ego-mind aspect, he creates mental patterns, which are not consistent with those initially set, and they do not reinforce them. This, then, produces an anomaly or disharmony in the initial pattern and that disharmony in the initial mind pattern affects both the individual and mankind in general so that disease really would start here. That is, the thoughts that one creates within himself and within society at large generated patterns at the mind level of Nature. Those patterns are superimposed upon the existing Divine pattern. They then produce cause and effect relationships all the way down through the various levels of substance, and so we see that our illness, in fact, eventually becomes manifest from the altered mind patterns through the ratchet effect - first to effects at the etheric level and then, ultimately, at the physical level. Here, then, we see it openly as disease at the physical level and, if we begin to sense the etheric level, we will see it also as disease at that level. So what is the way to cure it? Even though we bring about medical changes at the physical level, we do little at these deeper levels so that the disease will eventually recur. We would be a better doctor if we could produce correction at the etheric level because then the cure would last longer. However, it will not be permanent because we have not altered the basic hologram at the mind and spiritual level. We have to change at the mind and spirit levels to change the mental patterns so that we can produce, if you like, an annihilation of disharmonious elements at this level of the hologram. Then, Nature will just go forward in its harmonious way and man will not create and manifest disease

Let us consider the physical and etheric levels just for a moment before I switch to my next topic. Think of these, if you like, as a type of transformer association with the etheric as the primary, and the physical as the secondary. The primary circuit always contains the greater quantity of energy, and secondary circuit manifests a stepped-down condition, so that there is less energy generally. In the physical energy circuit, we see the acupuncture meridians. There is, I anticipate, an analogous circuitry at the etheric level of the system. I am not quite sure of its pattern yet, but anticipate that there is an inductive coupling between these two companion circuits. Perhaps the one aspect of this relationship that we know most about is that in the physical body we see the endocrine glands as being the important spiritual centers (energy centers) of the body, and have come to learn how strongly their functioning relates to the whole chemical and physiological functioning of the body. At the etheric level we have heard for such a long time about the chakras. The chakras and the endocrines appear to be at the same spatial location within the body, and my feeling is that they act as coupled or companion glands; i.e., as chakra-endocrine pairs, and we should begin to think of them as a type of transformer or transducer, if you like.

 In fig. 2, we see the location of the various chakras and we see the endocrine glands located basically at the same physical location. In fig. 3, we have a representation of a chakra-endocrine pair as a tuned circuit via which one may tap energy from the Cosmos. One can tune this circuit to absorb energy and produce current flow in the etheric circuit; i.e., some type of current, whatever it is. There is thought to be inductive coupling of some sort between the etheric body and the physical body that produces various energy currents in the physical body and the transmission of energy out into Nature, both directly from the physical body and back through to the etheric level, and then out into the environment. Figure 4 illustrates a front view of the chakra network in the body. (2) Figure 5 illustrates a side view of the chakra system. We see that, although the chakras have their centers located as indicated in fig. 4, their seats or root stems appear to be in the locations closely related to those of the endocrine system. In fig. 6, we note the types of psychoenergetic phenomena associated with each center. (7)

The next step in the progression of our understanding relates to the various psychic manifestations of psychokinesis, telepathy, and so on. For this, I anticipate that we must begin thinking of these chakra-endocrine pairs as coupled units and operating very much in what I would call a laser mode, that is, one must start thinking of these various centers working in synchronization with each other to manifest coherent energy and then radiation from these centers. Thus, if we want to investigate these phenomena, we must monitor the body in such a way that we are reading energy changes from these centers.

The lasing aspect of these centers is very important to understand. If one takes a ten-watt bulb, we know there is only a small amount of illumination radiated from the bulb. It, indeed, sheds some light, but it is not a great amount of light, and that is because the conventional light that we use is incoherent, and its energy content is not very effective for illumination purposes. Incoherence means that the rays of light are all out of phase with each other, so they cancel, and we get what is called destructive interference of the light waves. Thus, although one gets some illumination, he does not get much. However, if one can arrange for those individual photons of light to all be in phase, then he obtains constructive interference of the light waves; i.e., the resultant wave becomes very large in amplitude. When that happens, you have a laser; you have coherent light and that same ten-watt bulb can now produce an energy intensity over an area of about one square inch that is far greater than that found at the surface of the sun. This is a far more effective use of the energy! From that same total energy, the same basic stuff, by rearranging it in the right way to make it more coherent, one is able to develop a fantastic tool capable of doing many things. That's what I think happens here in the body!

I propose that the manifesting of psychoenergetic phenomena ~s associated with taking the primary energies in the body and making them coherent. In my modeling, I suspect that if we took all the energy in a single human body and made it coherent, there would be at least enough energy to create our entire universe at the physical level. You see, the basic energy is already there; it is just that it is in an incoherent form, and our job is to make it coherent. This we do by developing attunement with Nature through our meditation, our thoughts, and our actions. That is when these powers become manifested, and they are manifested through these various mechanisms. Some people seem to have a head start via the structure of their genes, but others can catch up and surpass by muscle building at these internal levels of self.

B. Some Devices for Circulating Non-Physical Energies in the Body

I want to turn to the discussion of the Cayce impedance device (it is called the radio-active device), the wet cell, a circuit by Eamens which is similar to that, and a circuit that I have been working with which is similar to and simpler than all of them, but which has similar functions. Let me first consider the radioactive appliance illustrated in fig. 7.

The radioactive appliance is basically a capacitive energy storage type device made of powdered charcoal, steel plates, glass and carbon. I do not understand the details of its functioning yet. To fully understand, one must begin to think in terms of action at the etheric level. That is where most of the energy changes are manifesting. There is only a small amount of action taking place at the physical level, and even these are very difficult to detect.

Figure 8 shows us how the particular device is arranged in a circuit; i.e., the radioactive device. It is put in a container surrounded by ice and water and, neglecting this for the moment, is connected to a pair of electrodes, one copper and one nickel, which are attached to various points in the body. This leads to the subjective feeling of energy flow within the body. (5) One feels a sense of relaxation in the body although, when one attempts to measure it through conventional electrical procedures, significant direct electrical signals have not been detected (a decrease in electrostatic potential between the base of the spine and the base of the neck has been detected),

In this circuit one also can place a solution jar containing particular solutions, which leads to an effect on the body. To begin to understand this, one must think in terms of an energy flowing through the wires. Primarily, I anticipate that there is a need for an electrical energy flow at the physical level. Since these are nickel and copper electrodes in fig. 8 and the circuit passes through the body, the device probably uses an electrical potential that comes from the body itself; i.e., from the acupuncture points. These are dissimilar electrodes and, as noted in Part I, you are bound to get a small electrical potential of the order of 50-100 millivolts driving this circuit. Think of this circuit, if you like, in the simple electrical terms of inductance, capacitance and resistance in that you would have some natural oscillating frequency at the physical level. In my modeling, the physical electrical energy flow is just to get the more subtle but more powerful non-physical energies flowing at the other levels of substance in the body. Returning now to the solution jar, as the current (various types) moves through (at various levels of substance), a range of vibratory quality from those chemicals in the solution jar is picked up to modulate the current waves and they are introduced into the body. More will be said about this below.

In fig. 9, we have the wet cell appliance. (5) Basically, it is a type of battery but with the strangest electrolyte you ever saw. However, it is still a battery and it has a particular output voltage (about a volt and a half), and it is also connected through the solution to the electrodes, which are then applied to specific places of the body. I think these two devices do an essentially similar thing. However, this particular device has its own internal power source, whereas the other one is powered by the body, not completely through the acupuncture points, but partially. The function of the wet cell is, I postulate, to obtain a larger energy density flow than is possible with the radioactive appliance. The larger current flow produces several important effects. It produces a stronger realigning force at the etheric level for the molecules to be realigned to the appropriate pattern. Secondly, because you have a larger current density you can more readily break down resistant energy block or barriers. The first device is much more subtle, whereas this device is much stronger and is needed for those individuals who are deeper into the pathology and so have organizations of substance at both etheric and physical levels that are, let us say, strongly scattering the primary wave energies. Thus) the wet cell device can exert a much stronger reorganizing force than the impedance device) but they have a very similar general function.

Now, there undoubtedly will be many other aspects to these devices that we will learn about with time; we are just crawling at this stage and I do not have a comfortable feeling that I presently know all the important aspects of these devices. I have only just begun my study so that this is merely a progress report of thinking rather than of experimentation at this stage.

At this point, it would be beneficial to quote something of what Cayce had to say about these devices and then we can consider a bit of interpretation. (1) Cayce says that this energy given by the appliance device is in the nature of radio vibration as will give to the nerve energy of the nerve systems, both of the cerebrospinal and the sympathetic, that proper vibration as will create new energy in the system. [Reading #5623-1]

(2) This works with the vibratory influences of the bodily force itself. Hence, it is a magnet, a radio magnet that applies or supplies of the very vibratory forces of the bodily functions that which produces the coordination of the activity of the nervous system as related to the actions of the cerebrospinal and sympathetic or vegetative nerve system by its application to the body in the ways and manners that produce in the central nervous system as they reach the extremities an influence of a vibration that affects the glandular system in re-ionizing the body) recharging and revitalizing the body. [Reading #1800-28]

(3) For here in this appliance (the wet cell) the charge is built in the instrument to be discharged in the body while in the radioactive appliance the body builds the charge to be discharged through the instrument into other portions of the body [Reading #1800-28]

(4) Then the action is as this; an excess in one by a unison of electronic agencies may be forced to assist that one deficient. That one deficient may receive sufficient of electronic agents, vibrations to the body, to increase and assist the body in gaining its perfect equilibrium. [Reading #1800-4]

Now, the functioning of the devices, as I see it from the point of view of my modeling, is that we are dealing with balancing of the acupuncture meridians. In one case, the radioactive appliance sets up an oscillatory energy pattern in the body causing current flow out of some acupuncture points and current input into others, very much on a microscale (probably below 1 microampere of current at the physical level). This continual flow, this gentle oscillation, is bringing about a balancing of the energy circuits, and that is what Cayce was talking about - an equalization process, the taking from one meridian and giving to another. An important aspect of the radioactive appliance is that it utilizes basic body energies that set the entire process in motion through the acupuncture points (the potential sources); the wet cell has its own internal energy source.

With respect to the solution jar effect, this is very similar to the kind of things one sees in homeopathy or in radionics. That is, for healing, it is not so important to have the physical substance present, or even the etheric; rather, it is important to have the vibratory quality of the substance. When the current flows through the solution, if there is good coupling between these, then the energy stream which is passing into the excitation circuit of the body picks up the vibratory quality of whatever is in the solution jar and it moves this quality into the body along the circuit paths of the various currents. If there are centers within the body, or molecules which absorb and radiate in the frequency band of these vibratory qualities (recall Part I where it was shown that the natural resonant frequency of a particular electron transition involves not only radiation in that frequency range but also absorption), then, if the current is passing through that particular area and it has this harmonious wave pattern pinned on it, the elements of that area will just absorb the resonant wave patterns. The elements, molecules or glands will gain, in fact, the value that they would have gained from the minerals themselves. Thus, the function of the solution jar is to serve as a current modulation device.

A few instructions for the use of these devices should be noted here; one is directed to references, 5 and 6 for more complete instructions. With respect to the radioactive appliance, it is stated: "Mark the terminals and always attach the same terminal first to the body." [Again, it is a question of polarity.] "Leave the appliance attached to the body for not less than 20 minutes or more than an hour at one time. It is preferable to remain quiet and relaxed by lying down during the treatment. Attachments are made as follows: First day, right wrist and left ankle. Second day, left wrist and right ankle. Third day, left ankle and right wrist. Fourth day, right ankle and left wrist. Then you repeat this about three or four times." [It is basically to balance the polarities in the body.] "In terms of the elements in the solution jar, you can use gold chloride and that supplies nerve energies for rebuilding nerves. Put in spirits of camphor and that supplies healing forces. You can put in Atomidine and that supplies cleansing of the body." These chemicals are useful for everyone. My feeling is that this is a very good way for everyone to develop both curative and preventative medicine.

Eemans (4) developed a circuit that could be used as either a relaxation or a tension circuit. This is illustrated in fig. 10 and consists of an individual plus copper mats and copper wires. The head and the right hand are found to be of one polarity. Let's call it the negative polarity. The base of the spine and the left hand are found to be of the opposite polarity -positive polarity. The individual is aligned along the magnetic flux line with head to the north and feet to the south (feet crossed). If he is right-handed and connected this way, he will just relax in this particular circuit, and this brings about a balancing of energies in his body. If you reverse the hand connections then you build a tension circuit which right-handed people find almost unbearable after a little while. If the individual is left-handed, the situation is reversed.

Figure 11 shows how one can hook up two people in the series arrangement so that there is an energy circuit which flows through both individuals. Figure 12 shows a variety of connections - a series or parallel arrangement in which you can place a group of people. Eemans(4) found that you can have emitters, you can have resistors, you can have conductors, and you can have relayers as people-types in your group. Thus, the order in which you arrange people in the circuit becomes rather important in terms of the magnitude of energy flow in the circuit. Basically, energy flows in the circuit, which may break down the barriers to energy flow located in certain individuals, if the emitter strength is high enough and, eventually, this energy loop operates like an amplifier to increase the energy of everyone in the circuit. The loop closes on itself and the energy just keeps circling around the loop bringing about balance and equalization of primary body energies.

In fig. 13, we note that Eemans also placed a solution jar in the circuit in certain cases. He placed various drugs and such in a solution jar and found characteristic effects in the patients as a result of having used the solution jar in the circuit.

In the experiments I have personally carried out with this type of circuit, I have used a slightly simpler device than the Eeman's circuit, but quite similar in nature. I noted the strong subjective feeling of energy flowing through my body, sometimes quite intensely in certain parts of the body, and I feel greatly relaxed (less mentally scattered) for about six hours after one-half hour in the relaxation circuit. Two things appear to be relevant here. One is that I have a friend who is a clairvoyant and who can see some circuitry of the body and some energy patterns. He described the situation to me as I put myself in the relaxation circuit. I was very tired and mentally exhausted when I started. He said first that he saw a point of light in my left shoulder and then in my left hip, and then some energy streamers flowing between the two. Next, after a few minutes, a point of light appeared at my right shoulder and then energy streamers flowed across the torso of the body, then energy started to flow up and down portions of the leg and eventually my right hip was lighted. The right hip seemed to be the slowest region to get going. Eventually, the whole body was a rosy glow of light to his sight. He observed a continual flow of energy patterns on the body. Subjectively, I was feeling the same type of energy changes and these correlated quite strongly with what he was able to see using his special vision. I felt, of course, much better after doing this, and I now make a regular practice of using this circuit when tired. It greatly extends the length of my effective working day.

The second aspect that seems relevant here is that before I ever worked with this circuit, I found that when I laid down horizontally on the bed and deeply relaxed and mentally moved energy up and down my body and around rhythmically (moving it out through my feet, up through my head, out through various centers, in through various centers and around my body). In fact, felt the same kind of sensations as I felt in the circuit and received the same or similar kinds of results. Thus, a suggestion of what is going on here is that we have something like a continual charging and discharging in various parts of the system and energy patterns are moving over the body. In the case of the radioactive appliance, the wet cell or Eemans's device, this energy starts moving by the agency of some electrical or electromagnetic energy motion. This energy motion very quickly couples, via the ratchet effect, with the deeper and stronger energies of the body, and these start moving. Eventually, we have energy swirls traveling over the body, producing equalization of the meridians and other body energy circuits and, again through the ratchet effect, we must expect to have these kinds of phenomena going on at all energy levels up through the mental level. Thus, we obtain what is called a relaxation, a decrease of tension, a decrease of disharmonious organization of the bodies and a better alignment with the natural forces at all levels up to and probably including the spiritual level.

An interesting experiment to perform will be to monitor the acupuncture points for the central nervous system and see, in fact, if a resistance or current change occurs when this kind of circuit relaxation is used so that we can begin to see what happens when one puts a person into the relaxation circuit and switches, unbeknownst to him, to a tension connection and back and forth. In this way one would hope to obtain various kinds of physiological readouts that are meaningful to the conventional scientific community. We have to do that at this point in time. We must bring the data to that level. That is where our general understanding is, and I feel that we are at the point of being able to start doing some meaningful experiments. There are many indications that tell us that there are special energies involved here which will be of tremendous therapeutic value to the body and thus to all of life because of our manifested expression when we are feeling good instead of lousy. I think we can really start now. We now have a few tools, not many as yet nor are they well understood; however, there are some that will let us transform this information to a level of understanding that is meaningful to our society. As we start such experiments, we will begin to see deeper and deeper into these aspects of Nature, and all the hidden treasures that are never anticipated in the initial model are in store for us just below the surface of our present understanding.


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