XXXV. Executive Summary

XXXIV. Integrating Some Negentropic Processes into Gibb’s Thermodynamic Free Energy Function: Some Novel Experiments

XXXII. The Global Broadcast Autism Intention Experiment: Part III, some Zung Statistics on the Parents for the 12-Month Period

XXXI. The Globally Broadcast Autism Intention Experiment: Part II, Some ATEC Trends And Statistical Data For a Twelve-Month Program

~ Rationale For The Following Series of White Papers

I. A Brief Introduction to Intention-Host Device Research

II. Steps for Moving Psychoenergetics Science Research Into the Hands of Interested General Public Researchers

III. Why CAM and Orthodox Medicine Have Some Very Different Science Foundations

IV. It Is Time for a Consciousness-Inclusive Science

V. Why Has Orthodox Physics Neglected the Superluminal Velocities of de Broglie Pilot Wave Components?

VI. What does the Dirac Negative Energy Sea Mean and Why Has Todays Orthodox Physics Neglected it?

VII. Why We Need to Create a New Reference Frame (RF)For Viewing Nature and How Do We Do It?

VIII. What Is Information Entanglement and Why Is It So Important to Psychoenergetic Science?

IX. Some Initial Comparisons Between the Russian Research on The Nature of Torsion’ and the Tiller Model ‘Psychoenergetic Science’: Part I

X. A Theoretical Interpretation of Non-Local, Spatial, Room Temperature, Macroscopic Size Information Entanglement

XI. An Experimental Investigation of Some Reconnective-Healing Workshops via a Unique Subtle Energy Detector

XII. Traditional Science Tiller Publication List

XIII. Biomedical / Psychoenergetics / Philosophy Publication List

XIV. The Talisman Transfer Tokens ? Project

XV. Preventative Medicine/Self Healing via One’s Personal Biofield Pumping and Balancing

XVI. The Effect of Intention on Decreasing Human Anxiety Depression via Broadcasting from an Intention-Host Conditioned Experimental Space

XVII. Importance of a Coherent Radiation Delivery System for Homeopathic Remedies

XIII. Tiller Affirmations and Current Meditation

XIX. Towards Understanding the Internal Symmetries of Nature: Gauge Symmetry States

XX. Application of Psychoenergetic Science to “The Placebo Effect”

XXI. Psychoenergetic Science Applied to The Mind-Body Concept

XXII. Psychoenergetic Science Applied to Information Medicine

XXIII. Some Electric/Magnetic Aspects of Space Conditioning Via the Use of an Intention-Host Device

XXIV. An Introduction to Psychoenergetic Science & Information Medicine

XXV. The Sacred Buddha Relic Tour, For the Benefit of All Beings

XXVI. Tools for Understanding Both the Coarse and the Fine Levels of Physical Reality on Our Spiritual Journey Home

XXVII. Towards the Union of Logos & Mythos, Two Complementary Paths to Knowing

XXIII. Towards Understanding Long-Range Broadcasting of Specific Intentions

XXIX. Towards and Orthodox Science that Meaningfully Integrates with Psychotherapy

XXX. The Globally Broadcast Autism Intention Experiment: Part I